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Far far away, behind the word mountain

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These zooplankton are not particularly giant themselves (they resemble tadpoles and are about the size of a pinkie finger), but every day, they construct one or more spacious houses” that can exceed three feet in length. The houses are transparent mucus structures that encase the creatures inside. Giant larvaceans beat their tails to pump seawater through these structures, which filter tiny bits of dead or drifting organic matter for the animals to eat. When their filters get clogged, the larvaceans abandon ship and construct a new house. Laden with debris from the water column, old houses rapidly sink to the seafloor.
When it comes to the flow of carbon in the ocean, we don’t know nearly as much as we should,” said Kakani Katija, a principal engineer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the study’s lead author. If we really want to understand how the system works, we have to look at all the players involved. Giant larvaceans are one important group we need to learn more about.” In the past, other scientists have tried studying giant larvaceans in the laboratory. But these efforts always failed because the animals’ houses were too fragile to be harvested and collected specimens were never able to build houses outside the ocean.To study the zooplankton in their natural habitat, Dr. Katija and her collaborators developed a new deep-sea imaging instrument, called DeepPIV, which they paired with a remotely operated vehicle. DeepPIV projects a sheet of laser light that cuts straight through a larvacean’s mucus house. A high-definition camera on the remotely operated vehicle can then capture the inner pumping mechanisms illuminated by the laser.

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Tryggingarfelag Føroya

Evni: Uppskot Byggiharri: Tryggingarfelag Føroya Stað: Hoyvíkshagin Suður Stødd: + 3000 m² Ár: 1999-2005 Toymi: Marita Weihe, Jóhann Laksáfoss og Karl M. Klein

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Eik í Fuglafirði

Uppskotið vann 1.virðisløn Evni: Nýbygging Byggiharri: Eik Banki Stað: Fuglafjørð Stødd: +340 m² Ár: 2006 Toymi: Marita Weihe og Jóhann Laksáfoss Bankin er í Fuglafirði.

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